The Power of Your Words: Transform Your Business with a Short, Focused, Nonfiction Book with Mike Capuzzi

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Episode Summary –

In this Expert In You Podcast episode, host Ann Carden welcomes guest Mike Capuzzi. They discuss the power of being your ghostwriter and the benefits of writing a book. Mike encourages clients to consider writing their own books, as no one knows their topic better than themselves. He believes that even non-expert writers can effectively write a book with coaching.

Creating a book can have branding benefits and generate ideas for naming. Mike emphasizes the importance of focus and specificity in a successful nonfiction book, suggesting that publishing three shorter books may be more effective. He also stresses that writing the book is just the beginning, and promoting and marketing it is crucial.

Mike shares his own challenges in writing and editing his book and advises against doing it alone unless someone else provides the content. Ultimately, the goal is to rise to the top in your field, influence your market, and make a more lucrative income. Listeners are encouraged to subscribe to the podcast and become experts in their field.


Key Moments:


[00:05:40] Differentiate yourself and attract people with short books.

[00:08:20] Direct response marketing elicits targeted reader responses.

[00:13:09] Specificity is key to successful business nonfiction books.

[00:15:55] Striving to be a bestselling author is difficult.

[00:20:10] Writing books is easy, but promoting is harder.

[00:23:21] Underestimating the difficulty of organizing written content.

[00:24:28] Encourage clients to be their own writers.


About the Guest:


Mike Capuzzi developed a deep love for books from a young age thanks to his maternal grandmother who had a vast library in her house. Growing up in Pennsylvania, Mike would often visit his grandmother and was enthralled by the collection of fictional books she possessed. Even as a young elementary school student, he would bring adult-level books to read during quiet reading time. This early passion for reading has stayed with Mike throughout his life, and he continues to indulge in books to this day.


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