Transitioning from Accounting to Business Ownership and Growth Strategies with Paul Roy

Transitioning from Accounting to Business Ownership and Growth Strategies with Paul Roy

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Episode Summary –

In this episode, Ann Carden interviews expert Paul Roy about the challenges in an accountant’s transition to business ownership. They discuss client retention, billing issues, time management, and team-building strategies for business scaling. The episode also covers hiring assessments, adapting to virtual business growth, and exploring global opportunities. Finally, they delve into identifying ideal clients and pacing implementation.

Key Moments:

  • Paul Roy specializes in helping accountants and CPAs transition from overworked technicians to profitable business owners who work 40 hours a week or less.
  • The Profitable Practice Pro program focuses on three core areas: increasing profitability by attracting ideal clients and restructuring pricing, streamlining processes to save time, and building a team to scale the business effectively.
  • Paul’s approach includes teaching accountants how to coach their clients for increased profitability, thereby enhancing the value they offer and enabling business growth beyond their local market.

Paul has been in business since his late teens. A born entrepreneur. He has purchased existing business and also built business. These include, An Office Products Company, A Human Resource Company, Computer Forms Company, Partner in a Yachting Facility. COO of an Agricultural Facility with over 12 million in revenues. Vice President of a Call Centre who under Paul’s leadership took a small regional company to be a player on the national stage.

Paul is a Certified Professional Coach. He has been Business Consulting and Coaching business owners for the past 9 years. Paul specializes in helping Business Owners and Accountants with building business that work for them and not the other way around. Paul is Co-Founder of CPA Business Coach and Nova Scotia Chair of Business Round Table.

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