The SECRETS to Being an Ultra-High-Fee, High-Profit Consultant


 ESTABLISH YOUR AREA OF EXPERTISE – What is the biggest problem you can solve for clients in your area of expertise? The bigger the problem, the higher the fees! Your solution should be something you are exceptional at and enjoy doing it. It is an area where you can get the best results for your clients, and you are highly confident in your ability to get excellent results repeatedly. You should already have a reputation for this expertise or want to become known for it. Who are your perfect clients for this area of expertise?

  • POSITION YOURSELF IN THE MARKET AS THE EXPERT– Develop a powerful positioning statement that CLEARLY states whom you help, the PROBLEM YOU SOLVE, and the OUTCOME, RESULT, or TRANSFORMATION you are confident you can get your ideal client. Don’t look like a jack-of-all-trades. ONE PROBLEM, ONE MARKET, ONE SOLUTION! Build your brand around this expertise. It should be congruent across all social media platforms, on your website, and in all your marketing. If someone Googles your name, it should be crystal clear what you are known for (your expertise) and for whom.
  • CREATE AN EXPERT (highly relevant) MARKETING PIECE TO SHARE WITH YOUR IDEAL CLIENTS – This could be an expert book showing your expertise by walking people through the problem you solve and your process to fix it. This expert marketing piece could be an article you published (establishes credibility and authority) that would attract these perfect clients, a simple one-page, downloadable case study of previous results for a client, or a blog post.  A webinar or industry survey that would be insightful, or a short video can also be powerful expert marketing pieces when they are done right.
  • BOOK YOUR CALENDAR WITH SALES CALLS – Reach out to your ideal clients with a powerful and highly relevant message and share your Expert Marketing Piece. Include a call to action for them to schedule a conversation with you. NOTE: Before contacting them, research who they are, their company, and the industry problems they may have to create a powerful and relevant message. Have a qualifying process in place to ensure you are talking to a qualified buyer who is serious about getting the help you provide.
  • THE SALES CONVERSATION & WINNING THE CLIENT – Go deep with the prospect in the sales conversation to uncover the problems and the impact those problems are having on their company or organization. Discuss other issues you can solve too that would help achieve their overall big goals. Discover everything they need that is in your skillset, knowledge, and expertise. With the right positioning, questions, and conversation, the client will close themselves.

You want to sell them a transformation package ($250k+) versus only making a transaction ($25k). A transformational offer keeps them longer with additional support or services. Attach a $$$ value to the impact that fixing their problems would have, using their $ numbers, not yours. For example, a transformational offer could include coaching or advisory services that will change their culture, help them reach their bigger goals or additional work in other areas within their company. The possibilities to create transformational offers are endless! This is where the BIG MONEY IS! Don’t be a commodity, be an expert.

Additionally, you want to learn their budget in the sales conversation, close the deal and eliminate the need to write a proposal if possible.

  • A WINNING PROPOSAL – Proposals are time-consuming and tedious work that keeps consultants busy but not productive (unless they are writing them for an already closed deal). If a client says, “just send me a proposal,” you don’t have a closed deal or a qualified buyer. Go back and close the deal! Writing proposals is a waste of time and energy for prospects who aren’t closed, and this is valuable time you could be using to get more clients and grow your business. UNLESS you are going to write a proposal to share a few options they can choose AFTER you get the “yes.”

However, NEVER write a proposal until you get the “YES” for hiring you and their budget. Then schedule another meeting within 2-3 days to discuss the options on the proposal and get a signature. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, email proposals!! Did I say to NEVER email a proposal? Yes, I did! WARNING! If you do email a proposal, all your hard work and effort will most likely go into the black hole of emails forever – OR they will use your proposal to price shop. And then you will have fun chasing down the prospect and trying to close the deal. Get good at selling because BIG DEALS aren’t closed in emails; they are closed in conversations.

There is only ONE reason to use a proposal! To discuss options with the client (in a conversation) after they’ve said yes. Then, it is an agreement that outlines the scope of work agreed on with the client’s signature.

  • PRICING RIGHT FOR IMPACT & VALUE – What is the value of your work worth to their company? What financial impact will your services have on their company or organization? What will the profit or revenue increase be over a period of 12-36 months? What would the overall costs be if they chose not to fix the problem, or what is the missed opportunity cost? There is ALWAYS a cost. Again, ask them for this number.

The amount of time you spend with a client is irrelevant in pricing when you price your services by the impact, outcome, result, or transformation. A great place to start with your fees would be 5-10% of this number. Another WARNING! Don’t sell from your wallet. The money YOU have or don’t have is NOT RELEVANT to what your ideal clients will pay. 😉REMEMBER, the more urgent and bigger the problem is, the more money you can charge.

Additionally, check your thinking. If you think it’s too much, or this is more than they will pay, you might have a mindset issue; or level-up clients who can afford what you deserve to be paid for the amazing expertise and services you provide.

  • WRITING A PROPOSAL – When you are writing the proposal, it should be as simple as possible. Nothing more than what was decided in the sales conversation. The only reason you should be writing a proposal is to go over a few different level options (good, better, best). Let them choose the best option and get their signature in this meeting. This allows you to keep your sanity and value their time and yours. Get the deal done!
  • WOW THEM WITH YOUR EXCELLENCE! – Of course, you now must deliver on your big promises. If you find yourself getting stuck in too much fulfillment that keeps you from continuing to grow, you need to redesign how you are deliveringyour services to better leverage your time.
  •  KEEP GROWING YOUR BUSINESS WHEN YOU MAX OUT ON TIME – Do you want to grow your business beyond being a practitioner? There are multiple ways to add additional revenue and income while reclaiming time. If you are already in this phase and you want to discuss how you can book a call with me to get help if you need it (see the link below).

With the right expert positioning, content, marketing, and sales strategies, and pricing, you will WIN MORE DEALS at CRAZY, REDICULOUS, LIFE-CHANGING FEES. If you want some help with any of these things, book a call at acarden.com

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