Understanding and Communicating Your Brand: Expert Insights on Core Pillars and Messaging with Dejan Gajsek

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Episode Summary –

In Episode 148 of the “Expert in You Podcast,” host Ann Carden is joined by guest Dejan Gajsek to discuss the importance of understanding and effectively communicating a brand’s core pillars, messaging, mission, and values. They emphasize the need to stay informed about current and future events and utilize various channels of intelligence. While AI can assist with data summarization and saving time, there still needs to be a human who can make decisions on how to apply and use the information within the organization. They also explore the limitations and problems of AI, highlighting the fact that information used by AI systems is only sometimes up to date.


The conversation turns toward client acquisition and competition in the business world. They stress the significance of closing gaps and standing out against competitors while also acknowledging the challenges companies face with internal perspectives and biases. Bringing in an outside company can provide non-biased and real data, helping to identify problems and make improvements. The benefits of hiring an agency, such as cost-effectiveness and avoiding hidden costs, are also discussed.


They delve into the topic of competitive enablement and the importance of gathering intelligence on competitors and market trends. This knowledge allows companies to make strategic decisions confidently and position themselves uniquely in the market. While AI features are common, Dejan emphasizes the added value of a human aspect in their internal solution.

The episode concludes with a discussion on the need for more expertise and knowledge surrounding competitive intelligence implementation. Establishing a specialized team with members in research, copywriting, design, reporting, and account management is recommended for successful implementation.


Overall, this episode of the “Expert in You Podcast” provides valuable insights into effectively communicating a brand’s core values, the importance of staying informed, the limitations of AI, client acquisition strategies, and the significance of competitive intelligence in driving strategic decision-making. Listeners are encouraged to subscribe to the podcast and explore a free training program on attracting premium clients and scaling their businesses.

 Key Moments :

[00:03:16] Every deal is competitive, especially in B2B.

[00:08:40] Overwhelmed employees struggle with competitive intelligence.

[00:10:50] Hiring an agency can be cost-effective.

[00:14:10] Competitive enablement helps win and lead confidently.

[00:19:20] Brand pillars, communication, mission, values, intelligence channels. Human decision-making regarding AI.

About the guest :

Dejan Gajsek is a tax expert with almost a decade of experience in the field. Originally from Slovenia, a small country in Europe, Dejan has dedicated himself to working with early-stage startups since 2014.

 In order to achieve quick results and reach product market fit, Dejan delved into the world of content marketing. Through extensive research, he learned the crucial elements that make high-quality content and understands the zero-sum game of the industry.

Building on this foundation, Dejan partnered with a business associate to establish an agency four years ago. Leveraging its research skills, the agency focuses on helping companies optimize their sales and product performance. In this short span, the agency has had the privilege of working with renowned tech giants, contributing to their success in the industry.


How to connect Dejan:


Website : ​​https://www.growandscale.com/

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/grow-scale/

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/growscaleHQ

Free gift from Dejan : https://growandscale.com/expertinyou

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