Unleash Your Marketing Potential: Effective Online Presence and Sales with Jan Carroza

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Episode Summary –

In this episode, our host Ann Carden welcomes marketing expert Jan Carroza to discuss the evolving landscape of marketing, the power of personal branding, and leveraging online platforms for business success. Together, they delve into the shift in the publishing industry, the importance of content creation, and the impact of virtual presentations. Jan shares invaluable insights drawn from her 40 years of marketing experience, while Ann provides practical tips for growing your coaching or consulting business.


Join us as we explore the intricacies of modern marketing and personal development to help you become an expert in your own right.

Key Moments:

06:33 Utilize multiple channels to increase reach.

09:54 Authors need their own platform for book success.

13:02 Create transformational email course tied to book.

17:37 Utilize LinkedIn, network, and build relationships early.

18:48 LinkedIn is essential for better reach.

22:23 Practice improves confidence, but some nerves remain.

30:44 Focus on smaller content for effective marketing.

33:18 Test and measure regularly for greater ROI.

37:23 Maximize your LinkedIn search using connections.

38:31 ChatGPT facilitates advanced information retrieval for research.

42:03 Elevate your business with ultra high-end clients.


About the Guest :

Jan Carroza has spent over 40 years in the marketing space, starting with traditional methods like television advertising, radio, and newspapers before transitioning to online marketing in the early 2000s. Based on her experience, she wrote a book titled Author of “Rockin’ ROI: How to Bootstrap Ecommerce with Performance-Based Marketing.”


She also hosts a podcast and writes a newsletter on topics related to growing business, improving marketing, and maximizing returns. Her focus is on finding ways to improve awareness, credibility, and revenues without spending money, with a recent article on “30 ways to leverage other people’s platforms.”


How to connect Jan:

Website: https://dmcenter.com/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jancarroza/

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