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Episode Summary –

In episode 165 of the Expert In You Podcast, host Ann Carden discusses the essential marketing and sales components for success in the coaching and consulting industry. As a seasoned business growth strategist and coach, she dives into the importance of having a strong marketing strategy and how it impacts generating leads, attracting high-quality clients, and closing sales.


Ann highlights three key areas for common breakdowns in the business: lead generation, lead quality, and closing sales. She emphasizes the need to balance active revenue generation and long-term brand-building efforts. She stresses the significance of consistently creating valuable content, establishing oneself as an expert, and nurturing relationships with potential clients.


Ann also acknowledges the misconception that only focusing on immediate buyers leads to sustainable success. She advises coaches and consultants to pay attention to the long-term marketing game, which involves building a standout brand and nurturing a vast majority of the market that may not be ready to buy immediately.


Furthermore, she encourages business owners to make quick buying decisions themselves, as this mindset attracts similar buyers who are decisive and committed to investing in their growth. She invites listeners to book a call with her for further assistance in their marketing and sales endeavors and offers free training on getting ultra-premium dream clients. The episode wraps up with Ann’s inspiring message to seize the big opportunities in the coaching and consulting industry and lead themselves to success.

Key  Moments:

03:36 Merge marketing and sales to filter leads.

05:54 Get help with sales process and marketing.

07:55 Building a powerful brand for future success.

12:49 Fast decisions and marketing skills guarantee success.

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