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Episode Summary –

In this episode, business growth consultant and coach, Ann Carden, shares valuable insights on how to escape the low 6 figure trap in your coaching or consulting business. Ann delves into the strategies and mindset shifts needed to move into a CEO role, reach the milestone of $1,000,000, and scale your business for greater freedom and growth. She discusses the importance of thinking bigger, attracting better clients, implementing effective marketing and sales processes, and leveraging automation and team-building to propel your business to new heights. Tune in to discover how to cultivate a thriving, high-end business and break free from the limitations of the low 6-figure range.

Key  Moments:

06:51 Enhance brand, attract premium clients, refine sales process.

11:08 Selling high-end services through client collaboration.

13:33 Scaling business requires aligned products and services.

16:29 Leverage expertise, scale, and invite feedback.