Why Most Coaches and Consultants Don’t Make the Income or Impact They Desire

Why Most Coaches and Consultants Don’t Make the Income or Impact They Desire

Yesterday I was on a call with a client (a coach), and I was talking about something I didn’t give much thought to knowing, but she said “WOW, that’s awesome information. I can’t believe how much money that is going to save me.”

I started thinking about how I had under-valued what I know. You most likely do it too. Under-valuing what you know is easy to do because it is so second nature to you, you think everyone knows XXX, but they don’t.

As I help people package up their brilliance and expertise in their coaching or consulting business and place a monetary value on what they sell, there is so much they are not even thinking about they could be selling.

You could be making more money than you realize in your business. People need you and are looking for someone like you to help them. BUT are they finding you? Can they see you in the midst of all of the competition in the marketplace?

Here are four things you need to dial-in to make more income and impact in the New Year.

These things will help you be seen and found by the people who want or need your services.

Package up your brilliance and expertise in a way people will want your services and price them (high-value), so you make the income you want.
2. Establish your Authority as the go-to-person for your expertise.

3. Have a Marketing Message and Strategy, so people see you and come to you.

4. Easily turn your ideal prospects into ideal clients by having a closing process that works.

If you are not yet at six-or multiple-six figures in your coaching or consulting business and you want “2019” to be your best year ever, schedule a strategy call with me and let’s see how we can make that happen together!

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