Exciting news, right?

But, why isn’t it happening for most coaches?

Do you know only 1% of coaches make $100k or more a year.

What’s worse is 76% of coaches make less than $5k a month, and 88% make less than $10k a month.

A bit shocking isn’t it?

Here’s the good news. The coaching industry is growing at a rate of about 14% a year. This means, there is a great need for what we do.

BUT does this also mean less for all of us? Is there too much competition?

Not at all!

However, many coaches and entrepreneurs who reach six-figures or more have also backed themselves into a corner with the way they are trying to build their business. They don’t have a predictable and scale-able business model that can build their wealth and help more people. A business with NO LIMITS!

Most have created a JOB for themselves. A JOB has limits; on time and money.

As they try to grow and scale to higher levels, they max out, burn out or tap out. Many see less income and more work as they try to leverage help and marketing to ramp things up.

Some shifts and trends have been happening in the marketplace for coaches, and 1% of coaches have discovered and implemented these changes into their business. As a result, they are building their wealth while enjoying their business more and working less.

What are these changes??

-Create a HIGH-TICKET (core) OFFER around solving one major problem or pain for your niche market. Your offer should give them a result that has high-value. This should be around your expertise and brilliance. I call this your “sweet spot.”

-Work in a specific “NICHE” and BECOME and BE SEEN as the EXPERT for XXX within that niche (there are endless options.)

-Build your marketing engine for this ONE THING.

-Back-build from your high-ticket core offer. Have offers for residual income, down-selling to monetize more people and create products or courses for passive income.

Once you get this all dialed in” and working, it is “RINSE & REPEAT and it is SCALE-ABLE. There are no limits to how high you can go.

It’s a powerful strategy that works!

Imagine selling your services for $10k-$50k or much more, over and over again while consistently building a back-end income.

You are closer to multiple-6 or 7-figures than you think. If you want to see more about how you can implement this powerful strategy in your business, CHECK OUT THIS MASTERCLASS where I break it down and show you how!