You Can’t Just Raise Your Prices To Get High-Ticket Premium Clients

Building a high-ticket business model is a much faster and easier path to scaling a coaching and consulting business or marketing agency. Still, it’s not as simple as just raising your prices. If it were that easy, wouldn’t everyone do it?

However, if you want to take your business from six figures to multiple-6 to 7-figures or more, going high-ticket and getting premium clients is the perfect next step.

Now, just to be clear, when I refer to high-ticket, I am not talking about the $3k-$10k offers most coaches are selling as high-ticket. I am referring to $25k-$200k or much more.

But you should know that there is much more to get these higher dollar sales than just deciding to raise prices.

Without the critical components I am going to share with you, most coaches and consultants never get off the ground with high-ticket. Therefore, so many of them revert to lower fees saying they can’t find people who will pay the higher prices.

This is a common theme with my coaching and consulting clients, yet repeatedly, we can take their low $5k-$10k fees and turn them into $35k, $50k or even $200k offers their prospects pay them. As a result, they often add hundreds of thousands of dollars to their business in a short amount of time.

If you want to attract and close premium high-end clients for $25k-$200k or much more, here are the steps to making it work in your business.

  1. You must be excellent at what you deliver

If you are trying to sell something high-ticket that is not in your area of expertise, good luck. Often my clients with expertise are not trying to build their business around it. They are trying to build a business around something they are learning or haven’t become great at yet. This is a slow and painful road to a lucrative and enjoyable business.

An example of this would be trying to be a business coach when you have never owned a business or signed the front of a paycheck. So, you buy into some course, or program, or join a company to “learn” how to be a business coach. Again, a slow and painful road to a lucrative business.

However, take someone who has been an expert in sales or something else in their career, it is easier to transfer those skills into a business where those skills are the brilliance they build their business around. It is a brilliant way to build a lucrative business with more ease.

Considering you are already great at those skills; you will not have to learn how to help others with them. You will also have a natural confidence in your skills and abilities, and you will easily be able to establish credibility and authority by showing and sharing your accomplishments and experience.

This is why I have a process that helps my clients package their offers and build a lucrative business around their “XPERTISE.” This is your expertise (skills, knowledge, and experience you are excellent at) merged with your X factor (qualities, gifts, and talents) = your SWEET SPOT and your “XPERTISE.” I talk all about this in my #1 International Bestselling Book, “EXPERT IN YOU.”

  1. You need a premium offer with a HIGHER PERCEIVED VALUE

Your offers must be structured and positioned in a way that makes it a no-brainer for your premium clients to say “yes.”

  1. You must be seen as and positioned as “THE EXPERT” for what you do.

Looking like a jack-of-all-trades will not attract or help you get premium clients and prices. High-end clients want to hire an “EXPERT,” and they expect to pay higher rates for that expertise. Your expert positioning should include both offline and online.

You must have CLARITY on who your perfect ideal (premium) clients are, and you must choose an ideal client who has the financial resources to pay you.

  1. You must have both an offer and a message that resonates with your perfect clients

Most coaches and consultants fail in this area. They attempt to use the same language or the same type of offer to try to attract premium clients that they used with lower-paying clients. There is a massive disconnect between the two. It is like trying to sell hamburgers to vegans.

You must establish credibility and be seen as an authority, so clients don’t question your expertise or the results you can deliver.

  1. You need a lead generation system and sales process

A lead generation system in place will put you in front of your ideal clients and attract them to you (this is the best way).

You must have a sales process that not only articulates the result your ideal clients want that you can deliver, but it must also show massive value, so your QUALIFIED prospects want to buy.

High-ticket clients don’t want to be sold to, and trying to use old sales tactics is a surefire way to NOT close premium clients.

When I began selling high-ticket packages in my business to premium clients, I hired a coach who specialized in high-ticket sales to improve my closing skills. Selling high ticket is very different from selling low ticket. Each time I work with a coach, consultant to agency owner to help them level up their services and prices, this is a skill we often have to develop.

It is likely YOU have more opportunity than you are tapping into to make more significant financial leaps in your business if you are reading this article. Most people grossly undervalue their expertise and brilliance.

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